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How To Plan A Military Reunion

What Can You Do To Make Your Reunion A Success and Maximize Attendance? The Origins of Military Reunions Military reunions have been taking place in one form or another for as long as Americans have been serving their country. The first recorded reunions came after the Civil War, when Union and Confederate veterans would meet… Read more »

A Military Life: Five Star General Douglas MacArthur – Part 2

Artifacts and Personal Effects Illuminate the Man and Times Many people are familiar with the famous photos of Five-Star U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur wading onto the shoreline donning his signature cap and sunglasses in his triumphant return to the Philippines in World War II. Many have also seen pictures of him smoking his corn… Read more »

AFR’s Hotel Selection Made for Military Reunions

What is the single most annoying thing about planning a military reunion?  ANSWER: Finding a hotel that understands the special needs of a reunion, that won’t bankrupt the group’s treasury with scary performance clauses, and that allows BYO alcohol in a meeting room for hospitality.  After all, a military reunion happens in the hospitality room!… Read more »

A Military Life: Five Star General Douglas MacArthur – Part 1

Why The Most Decorated Officer in U.S. Military History Chose Norfolk, VA As His Final Resting Place   This writer was there with family at age 10 in 1964. In front of Doumar’s Diner we stood among a crowd of thousands, five-people deep lining Monticello Avenue. Before us rolled a proud, yet somber procession. Most… Read more »

Cruise Ships Return to Norfolk!

As Americans strive to return to normal, tourism and travel is on the rebound nationwide. Hotels are welcoming groups, albeit while struggling to hire adequate staff to handle returning business. The CDC is relaxing vaccination and mask mandates, and the tide has thankfully turned toward normalcy. No industry suffered more than the cruise line industry…. Read more »