Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. is the nation’s first company dedicated exclusively to planning military reunions. Our success over the decades wouldn’t be without word-of-mouth advertising – happy reunion chairs sharing their experiences with other groups. Serving our nation’s veterans is an honor and we’ve earned our reputation of honesty, dedication, and professionalism. We’d love to connect you with some of our longtime clients to hear their story.

AFR works on behalf of military and veteran non-profit associations to secure the best hotel rates possible, and handle the painstaking details from start to finish – allowing reunion and event coordinators to enjoy their time with their friends. We steer groups to the most reunion-friendly hotels and destinations. AFR has pre-negotiated reunion contracts in dozens of cities, minimizing groups’ exposure to room attrition and providing discounted banquet pricing, numerous complimentary items, and guaranteed reunion-friendly service from hotels that respect and want military reunions.

We will provide you with sample tour programs for top reunion destinations – to help you decide where to meet. Having planned countless Marine Corps reunions, Air Force reunions, Army reunions, and Navy reunions for veterans from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam War and now for Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan, we’ll guide you to cities your members will find attractive. Take the load off and get dedicated professionals on your side!

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