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A Military Life: Five Star General Douglas MacArthur – Part 1

Why The Most Decorated Officer in U.S. Military History Chose Norfolk, VA As His Final Resting Place   This writer was there with family at age 10 in 1964. In front of Doumar’s Diner we stood among a crowd of thousands, five-people deep lining Monticello Avenue. Before us rolled a proud, yet somber procession. Most… Read more »

Cruise Ships Return to Norfolk!

As Americans strive to return to normal, tourism and travel is on the rebound nationwide. Hotels are welcoming groups, albeit while struggling to hire adequate staff to handle returning business. The CDC is relaxing vaccination and mask mandates, and the tide has thankfully turned toward normalcy. No industry suffered more than the cruise line industry…. Read more »

Finding the Right Hotel: Hit the Easy Button

This is one of the busiest times every year for AFR on the hotel contracting side. We’ve made it past the holidays and the hangover of January, and now is the time most chairmen buckle down and get serious about this year’s reunion. Larger groups are already thinking about 2023 and beyond, and beginning to… Read more »

2022 “Back to Normal” Reunion

Navigating the challenges presented to reunion associations the last 2 years have been trying for many groups. The frustration of planning the same event twice to only have it cancel drove a lot of groups to simply not plan anything at all in 2021. It’s also disturbed the standard timing of annual or bi-annual reunions…. Read more »

Ten Thousand Day War at Sea Exhibit: The US Navy in Vietnam

Battleship Wisconsin and The Hampton Roads Naval Museum: 10,00 Day War at Sea Berthed at Nauticus on Norfolk’s waterfront, the Battleship Wisconsin, one of the largest and last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy, has long been open to the public as one of the nation’s finest naval museums. For years reunions groups of… Read more »