AFR’s Hotel Selection Made for Military Reunions

What is the single most annoying thing about planning a military reunion?  ANSWER: Finding a hotel that understands the special needs of a reunion, that won’t bankrupt the group’s treasury with scary performance clauses, and that allows BYO alcohol in a meeting room for hospitality.  After all, a military reunion happens in the hospitality room!

Groups reach out to us all the time after spending months of their time searching for the perfect hotel, only to find that most will not allow alcohol in the hospitality room, won’t give meeting space for free, or offer penalty-free attrition and performance clauses. Stressful?  Most reunion chairpersons dread the site selection process because of these difficulties; so, one of a few things ends up happening.

  1. Someone volunteers to plan the reunion, then never does it again because it was a massive headache! Most groups have a new volunteer every year and, he or she likely doesn’t know what they’re doing.  Why would they?  Contracting with a hotel has gotten complex.
  2. The same chair handles it every year, and maybe relies on a local member in the reunion city to assist with researching hotels and activities. This process takes a long time and you’re not getting the best deals because you are a one-off piece of business to the hotels.
  3. The same chair handles it, and you rotate to the same cities year after year, because it’s easier to go back to a hotel that was good five years ago. The chair does this because it’s EASY!  But don’t group members want to visit new and exciting cities with great tours?

What if you COULD visit a new city each year, but have the process be easy and pain-free?  What if you could be connected directly to the hotels nationwide that meet all your “reunion-friendly” needs? What if you never had to worry about Attrition penalties or Food & Beverage Minimums again? What if the site selection and hotel contract process only took you a few weeks from beginning to end? does all of these things and is the premier Military Reunion Hotel Booking service.

Armed Forces Reunions (AFR), having planned military reunions since 1988, has solved these site selection and contracting problems for reunion groups of all sizes – especially for smaller groups. Our founder and one of the nation’s leading hotel contract attorneys for non-profits wrote a hotel contract that AFR uses nationwide.  It is written to address all a military reunion’s needs and mandates NO Room Attrition and NO Food & Beverage Minimum.  There is nothing like it in the hospitality industry and only AFR groups can take advantage of it.  We have a growing network of dedicated hotel partners that accept AFR’s Risk Free Hotel Contract, and YOU can meet all your group’s needs simply by going to AFR’s BookMyReunion website at this link:

Haven’t secured a hotel yet for the 2022 reunion? Want to get a head start on 2023? HIT THE EASY BUTTON this time! Head to and click on the city you’re interested in. Simply fill out the form and hit SEND. Our hotel partners in that city that accept this contract will reach out directly to you within a few business days. Now you are on your way to a worry-free reunion with loads of freebies and special concessions designed for military reunions.