Room Attrition And What It Means For Your Group

For military reunions large and small, hotel contracting is risky business. Regardless of the size of a group, the most important task a reunion chairman faces is to secure a hotel contract that meets the group’s needs without putting the group at financial risk. Room Attrition is a hotel legal term that says your group will be financially responsible for unused rooms that you blocked off. It is important to understand what kind of fiscal risk is at stake for the group, as reunion chairmen may change from year to year, and each new chairman is left to reinvent the wheel. One of the best things you can do is have your room pickup from the last reunion (# of rooms used on each night from first in to last out). This way you have a more accurate number of expected attendees and can block off a suitable number of rooms.

Room Attrition Clauses should be taken seriously! In many cases these penalties can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, this can be devastating to smaller reunion groups. In our very own Military Reunion Hotel Contract the room attrition clause is removed entirely. With large groups it may not be possible to remove this language, so past history and realistic expectations are critical. Get a professional on your side to ensure your group is protected! When AFR books your group in one of our partner hotels that we do business with on a regular basis, the hotel is less likely to bite the hand that feeds it by pursuing damages against an AFR client.

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