Registration Giving You Headaches?

Volunteering to help plan your group’s military reunion can be an extremely rewarding process: who doesn’t want to make sure your brothers-in-arms have the best time possible during the one time of year dedicated to each other? There is an immense sense of pride that goes along with this responsibility, but also a great deal of stress.

Of the many tasks a reunion planner is responsible for, handling registrations can cause the biggest headache. Collecting members’ money for group tours, meals, etc. comes with a lot of responsibility, and a lot of organization is required. If the group doesn’t have a dedicated bank account, then your Treasurer is left to keep track of the money in their personal accounts. In most cases, members are registering for the reunion months in advance, so the reunion planner is keeping members’ money in their account for months at a time, while ensuring all deposits for tours and hotel arrangements are made in time. This is no small task, and if you haven’t done it before or have no system in place, it becomes very difficult to keep it all straight.

Lucky for you there is a better way, and a less stressful one at that. Let AFR take care of your group registrations. We’ve built software from scratch to handle this nuisance of a task, and like everything else we do it was designed specifically with the needs of military reunions in mind. Give your members the assurance of a well-established brand like AFR handling financial management and the convenience of members registering online (or by mail with check). Our proprietary software tracks what tours members signed up for, their meal choice (beef, chicken, etc.), guests attending, contact information – and the reunion planner has 24/7 access to customized reports with their own login. Click the link below to see a sample registration webpage, we customize this for each unique group.

So instead of stressing out over whose money goes where, who’s paid for what and who hasn’t, and any other headache created by registrations – have AFR do the grunt work while you enjoy watching all your comrades sign up for the best reunion you’ve had to date. To learn more about our registration services and the other benefits please call or email Charley at 757-625-6401 or