New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Reunion chairmen, resolve this year to:
• Seek the path of least resistance, get the best deal for your group at the most reunion-friendly hotels in the country – with no risk to your group!
• Push the easy button to find hotels that respect veterans and offer great room rates, tailored banquet menus, attrition-free contracts, and complimentary items you demand.
• Work with hotels that have earned a reunion-friendly reputation through years of dedicated service to military reunions.
• Resolve to meet in top reunion destinations where tourism professionals understand, value, and seek your business.
Contact AFR and your New Year’s Resolutions will be fulfilled!
Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” The reunion market is mostly a collection of smaller groups, each working to provide its members a valuable experience. The core principle of AFR’s new division (BMR) is to harness the power of many to the benefit of each. In the coming months we will present hotel deals to be found only through BMR, with tailored incentives offered by BMR Star Hotels. These are hotels that understand and appreciate your business. Armed Forces Reunions’ twenty-seven years of hotel contracting experience will bring your reunion unmatched savings and opportunities.
Over the years we have funneled thousands of reunions into the nation’s top reunion destinations. This past month saw a flurry of bookings in San Antonio: C123’s in S.E.A, ANGLICO Assn., Korean War Recon Marines, Wheelus Air Base Reunion, Pilot Classes of WWII, and the USS Los Angeles CA-135. Bookings have been plentiful in Branson, New Orleans, Dayton, San Diego, D.C., Va. Beach, Norfolk, Nashville, Charleston, and other top destinations. The record for bookings in one city in a single year was D.C. in 2005 with 18 reunions – the year after the WWII Memorial opened. Contracting on such a massive scale allows BMR to provide your group with valuable savings and the protection of our very own BookMyReunion Hotel Contract – the industry’s only contract written for reunions and accepted by major hotel brands nationwide.
Contact us today to discover how AFR can make your New Year’s Resolutions come true!

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