AFR is a National Tour Operator – Why does that matter for your group?

Armed Forces Reunions (AFR), family-owned and operated, has planned military reunions coast to coast for over three decades. Our business was built on military reunions and designed to cater to their specific needs. Military Reunions are unique in that tours of local sights, museums, and attractions are always a focal point of the week. To have a successful reunion, you need to rely on your tour operator to plan interesting and engaging outings for reasonable prices. This is what makes AFR different than other event planners out there, they don’t specialize in Military Reunions, so they are not tour operators. AFR is a extremely unique business in that we are event planners and national tour operators, something you will not find with general event planners.

In every city AFR handles the tour planning and books the buses, guides, and attractions.  AFR does not sub-out the tour planning to local tour agencies – and then add a percentage for profit. This is what a general event planner does to plan your tours, because they work with many types of groups – and yours is probably the only one they have to plan tours for. As a member of the American Bus Association and National Tour Association, AFR gets discounted prices for buses, guides, and attractions.  We then set and offer the best per person tour prices in the industry.  Our tour prices are sure to beat those offered by local tour operators.  Why?  Because AFR is more than just a tour operator, and earns income from negotiating commissions into hotel contracts.

If your group is 50 or more rooms per night, take advantage of AFR’s full range of event planning services – to include booking partner hotels with the lowest possible room rates, planning interesting and cost-effective tours, and handling pre and onsite registration.  AFR has sample tour programs for dozens of cities to help guide your group to Top Reunion Destinations with interesting tours.  AFR truly is your One Stop Shop – year after year!  For groups with less than 50 rooms per night, AFR will provide you with attrition-free hotel contracts and local tour operator recommendations.  If you have a preferred city in mind for the future, please give us a call.  If you are looking for reunion-friendly hotels or Top Reunion Destinations, you can rely on AFR’s recommendations from decades of nationwide experience.

And if your group is visiting the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area and you’d like to enlist the services of a tour operator you’ll need to give us a call.  Our subsidiary, AFR Tours, is the only licensed tour operator in Southeastern Virginia.  AFR Tours provides local tour planning services for military reunions, association groups and conventions, and inbound tours for special events like the annual Tattoo and Harborfest.  Our biggest market for local tours, though, is operating shore excursions for cruise lines that do stopovers at Nauticus in Norfolk.  In 2022 AFR Tours will be partnering with Norwegian, Carnival, Princess, Crystal, Seven Seas, and other cruise lines in providing tours from Norfolk and Virginia Beach to Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and the Outer Banks of NC.  On most days these big ships bring in over 3,000 passengers, and we’ll be hosting over 1,000 of them on professionally guided shore excursions.  We also tailor to smaller groups with walking tours, dolphin-watching tours, and even kayak tours of our local waterways, streams, and bays.

But just know this: wherever you want to have a reunion, if you book it with Armed Forces Reunions you can expect reasonably priced, customized tours planned by experts with decades of experience.   Get a Professional on Your Side!