Has your group run out of willing volunteers? Having difficulty deciding where the next reunion should be? Let Armed Forces Reunions guide you to a reunion-friendly city. AFR has planned military reunions in over 140 cities coast to coast since 1988. We know the most popular reunion destinations, and have sample tour programs to help your group decide where to meet. There is NO cost to your military reunion group for AFR’s site selection and hotel negotiation services.

  • With AFR your group can meet in any city it likes.
  • Your group will not need a local reunion chairman.
  • We will guide your group to the nation’s top reunion destinations.
  • We arrange for site visits for the Reunion Chairman.
  • AFR has sample tour programs for over 100 cities.
  • AFR knows where market forces are yielding high or reasonable room rates.
  • AFR understands high and low seasons nationwide.
  • AFR will advise how to gain the best rates by changing arrival/departure patterns.