Become a Hotel Partner

Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. has been the nation’s leading contractor of military reunions since 1988, having booked thousands of groups in over 150 cities.  AFR funnels business to a well-developed, nationwide network of reunion-friendly hotels.  Network partners must commission AFR at 10% and agree to reunion-friendly policies.  The benefits to hotel partners are many.

  • AFR funnels business year after year to hotels that meet the needs of reunion groups.
  • AFR funnels business to hotels with reasonable rates.
  • AFR funnels business to hotels with good hospitality rooms and lenient alcohol policy.
  • AFR funnels business to hotels with customized banquet menus.

Military Reunions – A Dependable Market

Most reunion groups are smaller than 50 rooms per night and will alter arrival/departure patterns to meet a hotel’s needs.  Reunions don’t require a lot of function space, have at least one group meal, reliably use hotel outlets, and are a pleasure to have in-house.  It is hard to find a more flexible and dependable market.  Reunions meet in good times and bad.

Become a Hotel Partner

We constantly receive inquiries from reunion groups seeking guidance in booking reunion-friendly hotels.  Military reunion groups trust AFR to steer them to hotels that appreciate their business and where a successful reunion is guaranteed.  If your hotel is reunion-friendly and is interested in earning military reunion business submit the form below.

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