The Premier Military Reunion Hotel Contract!

Armed Forces Reunions, Inc.’s (AFR) founder, Ted Dey, co-authored the first third party Military Reunion Hotel Contract with one of the nation’s leading hotel contract attorneys for non-profit organizations – Barbara Dunn with Chicago law firm Barnes & Thornburg LLP. What is so special about this? AFR’s contract is written for military reunions by the nation’s leading advocates for non-profits in general, and military reunions in particular. Over the decades AFR has developed a vast network of reunion-friendly hotel partners that honor and appreciate military reunions. Consider AFR the USA’s National Reunion Bureau. We will guide your group to the best reunion hotel with the best rates, no matter where you want to go.

With the Covid-19 pandemic in mind, leading attorney Barbara Dunn says: “Now more than ever it is critical that a reunion group’s hotel contract reflect best practices and address all possible contingencies. Armed Forces Reunions’ Military Reunion Hotel Contract provides groups with the best chance of putting key contract provisions in place and expediting hotel contract negotiations.”

Every year Armed Forces Reunions books thousands of room-nights in hotels nationwide. Our enormous buying power will guarantee your group the best room rates and the most concessions. Having booked thousands of groups in over 150 cities nationwide we know what hotels are reunion-friendly. Especially for smaller reunions, say goodbye to financial risk and the threatening attrition language in corporate hotel contracts. We are here to help your Reunion Chairman get it right – at no cost!

Site Selection

While hotel contracting is THE most important part of military reunion planning, this involves site selection first – where does the group want to go? Near a military facility? A city with lots of attractions? Restaurants and shopping within walking distance? Free airport shuttle and parking? What are the top reunion destinations – and why? Not all hotels are reunion-friendly, and for that matter, not all cities are. We believe that a great hospitality room is THE key to a successful reunion. Can the group provide its own alcohol/snacks in meeting space? Suites are too small.

So site selection can sometimes begin with the question “Where can we go to get a great hospitality room?” If the group is zeroing in on a military facility then AFR will find the best reunion hotel available near that base. If the group is open to suggestions AFR will guide you to hotels that offer great hospitality rooms in cities we believe are popular reunion destinations.