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The Other Attrition Clause: Food & Beverage Minimums

Groups need to be careful when signing contracts with a Food & Beverage Minimum, without understanding if reaching the minimum is realistic or not.  Be conservative when guessing at expected numbers for meal functions, as F&B Minimums (the dollar amount your group must spend) are based on these numbers.  Never calculate cash bar sales into… Read more »

What is a Room Attrition Clause?

Gone is the day of simple and straight-forward hotel contracts. When we got our start in 1988, the process of signing a contract for your group with a hotel was fairly simple and there wasn’t a whole lot of financial risk involved for our reunion groups. As with any other industry, businesses find any way… Read more »

Branson, MO – Top Reunion Destination!

Branson is one of the top military reunion destinations in the country.  Many of Branson’s most well known attractions routinely recognize veterans and their families with special revues and shows.  They have a real commitment to honor all veterans, current military, and the families who support them. Branson is nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains,… Read more »

We Need Each Other Now

“We needed each other then, we need each other now” A mortar specialist in the U.S. Army’s 196th Light Infantry Brigade, Warren R. Neill Jr. arrived in Vietnam in December of 1966. He first saw combat in Operations Cedar Falls, Gadsden and Junction City. In April 1967 he moved with the brigade to Chu Lai… Read more »